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Daria Nochevnik

Deputy Head of Brussels Branch
Greek Energy Forum

Daria is an energy analyst and consultant specialising on EU regulations and policies relevant for the oil and gas industry. She has been working with natural gas companies and collaborating with international organizations, EU institutions, universities and think tanks across Europe. Daria has recently joined the Scientific Committee of the World Energy Council on LNG. She also holds the position of the Deputy Head of the Greek Energy Forum’s Brussels Branch – a think tank focusing on the development of energy markets in South-East Europe and the Mediterranean; and facilitating the dialogue between the energy industry, policymakers and academia.

Daria’s focus areas include EU’s energy and environmental policies and regulations; regional integration of natural gas markets and infrastructure development; global LNG pricing dynamics and structures; use of natural gas in transportation sector (road and marine); ssLNG markets in Europe and LNG bunkering; natural gas markets in South-East Europe and the East Mediterranean.

Daria is fluent in English, Greek and Russian and has intermediate command of French and Italian.

Daria Nochevnik will be speaking at:

ADRESSING LNG’S DILEMMAS – World Café Roundtables:

2017/01/23 16:00 - 17:20

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