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László Fritsch

General Manager
Gas Storage Europe

Mr László Fritsch started his professional career at Shell Gas Hungary in 1996. Between 2001 and 2003 he was the company’s financial director, following which he joined the international activities of the group and worked in several European countries as the European internal auditor for Shell Oil Products. From 2005 he was the business development manager of SCA Packaging Hungary Zrt. and the general manager of SCA Packaging Romania.

In 2006 Mr. Fritsch returned to the gas industry, and started his current employment at the then German-owned E.ON Foldgaz Storage Zrt. In the beginning he was the head of finance, controlling and procurement and from 2009 he worked for the company as the financial director. In 2012 he switched from financial assignments to technological tasks and he became the member of the board of directors responsible for operation. He assisted the preparation of the ownership change of the company in this capacity and after the Hungarian state acquired the shares, since 1 October 2013, he has been the CEO and the chairman of the board of Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd.

Mr. László Fritsch was elected to be a member of the GIE Board as of June 2016 while he also maintains his membership in the Executive Committee of Gas Storage Europe.

Besides his daily work as a chair member of the Hungarian Mining Association he is an active participant and a dedicated supporter of the Hungarian mining society. Mr. Fritsch was awarded the Saint Barbara Medallion by the Minister of National Development in 2012 and was granted the Knight’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit in 2015 acknowledging his outstanding professional activity he carried out in Hungary and abroad to enforce mining interests for the sake of hydrocarbon supply and storage which are crucially important in the security of Hungarian energy supply.

László Fritsch will be speaking at:

Chairman’s opening remarks

2017/01/25 15:50 - 15:55

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