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Richard Folland

Managing Director, Climate & Energy Associates
Inline Policy


Richard Folland has over 30 years experience as a diplomat and advocate, operating at the highest level. He has worked on climate and energy policy, as a policymaker and as a private sector advisor, for over 12 years. A former head of energy strategy at the UK Foreign Office who has held diplomatic postings in Germany, Russia and Sweden, Richard has also been JPMorgan’s European Adviser on Energy and Climate Change and the Head of Energy and Environment at Inline Policy. Through Climate & Energy Associates, Richard advises companies and organisations on a wide variety of strategic, policy and regulatory issues in UK, European and international markets across the energy and climate change space. He has particular expertise on finance and investment issues, and all aspects of emissions-related regulation.

Richard’s advocacy skills and extensive network also enable him to give clients advice on how to access and influence policymakers on climate and energy policy. He represents clients and advises them on the most effective approach and messages to use with governments, regulators and the key multilateral institutions. All against the backdrop of a changing world where policies relating to climate change and energy are increasingly far-reaching, and relevant to all types of business sectors and to the economy as a whole.

Richard Folland will be speaking at:

The Big Gas Debate: “This house believe that the EU ETS will never produce a meaningful carbon price; only national carbon pricing initiatives will allow gas to realise its full value”

2017/01/25 11:50 - 12:35

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