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LMF is a leading global niche supplier of compressor systems in the oil-, gas-, chemical- and petrochemical industries.

The broad product range provides power from 4 to 6000kW/8000HP and pressure up to 700bar/10.150psi.

As an Austrian manufacturer with highest level of innovation and quality we fulfill the requirements of our customers.

RNG is a company developing the Eastern blocks of Srednebotuobinskoe oil and gas condensate field RNG benefits from the following strategic advantages:

  1. The Eastern Blocks: one of the largest fields in the Eastern Siberia in the terms of proven reserves (Srednebotuobinskoe field);
  2. Immediate vicinity of the strategic ESPO oil pipeline and the Power of Siberia gas pipeline (constructed by Gazprom);
  3. RNG’s highly qualified project management group can organize a continuous workflow between a large number of suppliers and contractors.

Transgaz is the sole operator of the Romanian National Gas Transmission System, operating one of the most complex gas transmission systems in Europe consisting of over 13,000 km of main pipelines and related facilities, with a tradition of over 100 years in domestic gas transmission and over 35 years in international gas transmission. Transgaz is committed to facilitate the EU market integration, thus an ambitious investment programme of about 1,5  billion EURO, comprising our flagship project, i.e. BRHA, is envisaged to be implemented.