Agenda Preview

LNG Focus Day - 29th January

  • How is the rest of the world’s LNG interfacing with Europe?
  • Identifying the current runners and riders in the LNG market
  • LNG Forum Roundtables: Addressing the LNG dilemmas keeping you up at night

Day 1 - 30th January

  • Welcome and Keynote Address from OMV:

Manfred Leitner, Member of the Executive Board, OMV

  • Welcome and Keynote Address

Viktor Zubkov, Russia’s Special Presidential Representative for Cooperation with the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, Administration of the President of the Russian Federation

  • Keynote Address from Gazprom:

Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom

  • European Commission Keynote: Outlining the results from the Quo Vadis Study to support gas across the continent:

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, Director for Internal Energy Market in the European Commission, European Commission

  • Statoil’s vision for gas:

Peder Bjorland, Vice President, MMP MT NG, Statoil

  • Big Gas Debate: This House believes the opposition of many European countries will prevent Nord Stream 2 from progressing with

Day 2 - 31st January

  • BP’s long-term vision for gas:

Dominic Emery, Vice President, Long-Term Planning, BP

  • Is there sufficient infrastructure to support the increasing levels of gas arriving in Europe? Including: Christophe Poillon, Vice President, European Affairs

GRTgaz Pierre Vergerio, COO, Edison

  • Dealing with the LNG glut: Competition between LNG and pipe gas:


Amos Hochstein, SVP Marketing, Tellurian

Mark Gyetvay, CFO, Novatek