Agenda at a Glance

28th January: LNG Day - Will the LNG Glut Ever Arrive?

08:50 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

09:00 Emerging global gas/LNG trends and the growing importance of Europe

  • Drivers for global gas/LNG demand growth and implications for new LNG supply requirements
  • Emerging business models to develop new LNG supply and implications on contracting and pricing
  • LNG imports into Europe: a business for European utilities too?

09:20 US LNG in a Changing Global Dynamic

  • Outlook for global LNG and its Impact
  • Looking at the changes in global trade including US and EU relations
  • New supply from across the pond: An update on US LNG projects

09: 40 [Panel] One Year On, Are We In a Sellers’ or Buyers’ Market?

  • Assessing the new-found opportunity for buyers and sellers
  • Developing a Sustainable and Competitive Portfolio Optimization Strategy
  • Will the LNG glut arrive? The impact of Asian markets

10:30 Speed Networking

Morning Coffee – Sponsored by: 

11:20 [Panel] LNG Trading & Contracts: With Increasing Numbers of Spot Trades, How Are Traders Adapting To This New Environment?

  • With long-term contracts coming to an end. What will happen to the pricing of gas?
  • LNG price signals and trends
  • Spot vs. Oil Indexation. Where will the trend go next?

12:10 [Panel] Creating New LNG Demand and Infrastructure Optimisation: Small-Scale LNG and FSRUs

  • What are the current market drivers for small-scale LNG?
  • Short-term fixes vs. long term security of supply
  • Bunkering infrastructure
  • The role of LNG on the path towards a 100% renewable world

12: 50 Networking Lunch

14:10 [Panel] How Will LNG Financing Model Evolve to Cope with More Flexible Contracts?

  • Why has financing been a blocker for projects and what changes need to be done?
  • Identifying long-term solutions to create a sustainable model
  • A discussion from a legal, financial and developer perspectives

14:50 [Panel] Paving the Way to FID: Identifying the LNG Runners and Riders in 2019
Our runners and riders panel has been designed to support the LNG community in learning about projects across the globe.
It will offer the opportunity to pose questions directly to senior management from leading exporting and importing LNG projects who will share their day-to-day challenges from the beginning to the end of the FID process.


  • Mozambique
  • US
  • Russia


  • Croatia
  • Greece
  • Lithuania

Afternoon Break – Sponsored by: 

16:40 [Roundtables] LNG Forum Roundtables: Addressing the LNG Dilemmas Keeping You up at Night
What is your number 1 issue keeping you up at night? Write it down and stick it on our LNG Board. The top 4 issues will be discussed in separate roundtables headed by an industry expert

17:40 Welcome Drinks Reception

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29th January: EGC Day 1 - Promoting Dialogue between Europe and its Main Suppliers

08:45 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

08:50 [OMV Keynote] Welcome and Keynote Address

09:00 [Russia’s GECF Representative Keynote] Welcome and Keynote Address

09:20 [Gazprom Keynote] Future of Natural Gas on the European Market: The View from Gazprom

09:45 [Regulatory Keynote] Reflecting On the Past and Looking to the Future: Moving on from the Third to the Fourth Energy Package

  • Celebrating 10 years of the Third Energy Package, what has been learnt and has it successful made an integrated market?
  • Creating new areas of demand around the world

10:10 Morning Coffee – Sponsored by: 

10:40 [Panel] Coming On in 2019: The Pipeline Projects Supporting Supply to Europe

  • Nord Stream 2 is ready: Will gas be arriving at the end of 2019 and how much is expected
  • Turk Stream: With the first line completed, what are the next developments?
  • TAP and TANAP: Getting ready to receive gas
  • Is there a future after all for Trans-Caspian Pipeline?

11:25 [Panel] Bringing LNG to EGC Day 1: When Will Europe Become A Prime Target for LNG?

  • Will Asia always be the primary destination for LNG?
  • Is Europe the LNG market of last resort?
  • LNG import diversification: Middle East, Latin America, Caribbean

12:10 Coal Exit and European Gas Demand

12: 30 [NEW] Taking the Pulse of the European Gas Market
This NEW fully interactive session will see the audience vote in a series of polls addressing today’s key topics!
Our panel of leading experts will then be on hand for quick-fire comments on the results of your views.

13:15 Lunch

Trading & Pricing

14:30 Natural Gas Market Pricing and Trends

  • What will drive demand over the next few years?
  • How could gas buyers respond to the rise in global supply?
  • Could 2019 match the price of gas during 28th February and 1st March 2018?

14: 50 [Panel] Comparing Central and South Eastern Hubs

  • Exploring hub liquidity and how the East can change
  • What opportunities are there in Eastern Europe?

15:30 [Panel] Trader’s Viewpoint: TSOs, Marketing, Trading and Contract Lengths

  • Agreements via Blockchain
  • Shorter deals: Impact on the end of long-term contracts?
  • Brexit 2019: What Will It Mean for Gas?

Pipelines & Interconnectors

14:30 Why is gas imported through pipelines more controversial than gas imported on keel as LNG?


14: 50 [Panel] Is There Sufficient Infrastructure in Place to Support the European Commission’s Vision of an Integrated Market?

  • The development of the gas infrastructure in the last year and the meaning for Europe?
  • Financing and contracting of infrastructure in the European Gas Market


15:30 [Panel] Assessing Asset Prices and Financing of Pipeline Projects

  • Selling of long-term assets to new financiers such as private equity and hedge funds to maintain funding
  • Understanding the environment: What are the regulatory incentives to invest?
  • Will traditional forms of financing need to adapt?

Afternoon Coffee – Sponsored by 

16:40 Panel: Gas exchange market
developments in Russian Federation in
2019-202017: 00 [Panel] How Successful Have Network Codes been for Europe?

  • Reflections on the Third Energy Package
  • What will the fourth energy package offer?
  • How will green gas be traded? Are the necessary regulations in place?

16:40 Panel: Trans-Caspian Pipeline Update


17: 00 [Panel] Gas Infrastructure – Expectations / Requirements in particular for CEE and SEE Europe?

  • Developing the East: What infrastructure needs to be put in place?
  • Which exciting projects are taking place at the moment?
  • Developments of the Southern Gas Corridor

19: 30 Drinks Reception

20: 00 Gala Dinner

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30th January: EGC Day 2 - Defining the Future Role of Gas in the Energy Transition

08:50 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

09:00 [Panel] With Groningen Supply Running Down Faster than Expected, What Will Happen with Europe Security and the Future Role of Gas?

  • What is the state of demand in Europe?
  • Looking at demand from Asia: Do long-term markets exist anymore?
  • Will there be sufficient supply to cover another cold snap this winter?
  • A Revival for Storage: How can storage help resolve the bottle necks within Europe?

10:10 The role of Gas in a Lower Carbon Future

  • Is there a role for gas in a Europe aiming at a 95 % reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050?
  • How can hydrogen and carbon capture and storage contribute to a low carbon energy system?    

10:30 Gas – Part of the Solution

10:50 [Panel] Post-COP24: How Are Leading Gas Stakeholders Adapting to the Growing Trend towards Decarbonisation?

  • Will new green gas alternatives act as a catalyst for financing more European projects?
  • The life cycle of gas infrastructure in regard to the decarbonisation debate: How is this seen in Europe and how will it be solved?
  • Natural Gas as THE Energy Source: Where does gas fit into the future energy mix?

11:35 Morning Coffee – Sponsored by: 


Technologies to Put Gas at the Forefront of the Energy Transition

In this stream we will address the various technologies that will help gas remain competitive. This is the perfect time to share insights on the commercial viability of upcoming projects.

12:05 Gaseous Fuels: The key to a well-functioning Future Energy System

12:25 LNG to Power

  • Where are the opportunities for LNG to power projects
  • How can this cover deficits in power generation capacity

12:45 Renewable Gases in the Grid

  • The Future of gas grids: A Challenge in connecting infrastructure
  • Gas quality challenges during the energy transition
  • Test facilities: A must for a rapid and challenging upscale of solutions


13:05 Hydrogen and CSS

  • How Hydrogen soltuons based on natural gas with CSS can decarbonize the heavy energy sectors in Europe with low technical risk, at a large scale, at reasonable cost and within a reasonable timeframe?

Developing Supplies to Europe

We will explore the new areas of supply in Europe from leading experts on each country/ region.

12:05 Gas Transit via Ukraine after 2020

  • Position of key state and commercial actors on the Ukraine gas transit, EU, Ukraine, Russia
  • Gas transit via Ukraine GTS after 2019: key scenarios after the launch of Nord Stream-2 & Turkstream

12:25 Egypt and the East Med

  • Egypt restarting LNG exports
  • Egypt setting up natural gas exchange market
  • Will Cypriot and Israeli gas feed this market and exports?
  • ExxonMobil drilling in Cyprus may revive LNG exports
  • ENI drilling in the Noor prospect in Egypt promising

12.45 Turkey



13:25 Lunch

14:30 End of EGC 2019 

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