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Executives Roundtable: Invitation only

Working together to maintain and multiply the role of gas in the shift to a low carbon energy balance.

  • Assessing COP-21 objectives – challenges and opportunities for the gas industry
  • Lobbying for the coal to gas switching argument– what is the way forward to set up gas as the best partner for renewables?
  • How quickly can renewables expand and what impact will this have on the evolving role of gas?
  • Lobbying for comprehensive and comprehensible policies encouraging gas – renewables cooperation – is the CO2 pricing policy enough to give gas the green light?
  • What’s the message from the gas industry to policy makers to promote the role of gas in the low carbon energy transition?

Moderated by:

François-Régis Mouton
François-Régis Mouton

VP Oil & Gas Advocacy, TOTAL E&P


Julian Popov
Julian Popov

ECF Fellow, European Climate Foundation & Former Minister of Environment of Bulgaria

Oliver Schäfer
Oliver Schäfer

President, SolarPowerEurope