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Post Event Report 2015

Infrastructure development needed for South Eastern Europe

When we talk about regions, we have to be aware that North-Western Europe is well developed. This region is privileged in terms of supply sources and gas highways – from the major suppliers Norway and Russia.

In addition, the North Western European Region is privileged in terms of a vast and connected pipeline grid connecting the countries. On the other hand we have a “non-privileged” and neglected region: Central and South Eastern Europe. This region depends to a high degree on one supplier, one dominant gas highway through Ukraine and is short of interconnectors.

To reduce the dependency on one gas pipeline for a region of 50 bcm, additional routes are necessary: But, looking back, Nabucco was not sufficiently supported, South Stream did not fulfil EU regulation and was cancelled by Russia and Brotherhood through Ukraine needs Billions of investments until 2020 and the corridor is politically unstable.

This means, the gas owners have stopped their project and the people with the money, but no gas, are not prepared to invest.

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