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Keynote Panel discussion: The Competitiveness of Natural Gas – is Gas Here to Stay in the Energy Mix?

12:10 - 13:00

  • Forecasting the future of the gas market in a decarbonising Europe – can we anticipate demand to bounce back?
  • How can gas avoid becoming a niche product for a niche market? What is Europe doing?
  • Reconsidering the role of gas in the power sector – what are the effects of the electricity market liberalisation?
  • How can gas demand remain strong against energy efficiency technologies?
  • How will the changing German gas market affect Europe?
  • Development of renewables and storage technology will reduce the role of gas – what does this mean for the gas industry?
    – Is gas the right partner for renewables?
    – Why does there need to be a partner?
  • Is there a bigger threat to gas than renewables?

Moderator: Prof. Jonathan Stern, Chairman, Natural Gas Research Programme, Senior Research Fellow,
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies


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