Dominic Emery

VP Long-Term Strategy



Dr Dominic Emery is Vice President, Group Strategic Planning for BP. He was appointed Vice President, Long-Term Planning for the BP Group in July 2013 where he was responsible for co-ordinating all long-term planning and strategic activities for the Group. Dominic added responsibility for BP’s public policy and societal relationships agenda in January 2015.

He has worked for BP since 1986, holding positions in BP’s Exploration and Production Division, in Asia and the Middle East, and also in the UK North Sea. Dominic has led Gas and Power business development in the UK and Northern Europe, as well as running power and utility assets at BP sites. Most recently he was Chief Development Officer for the Alternative Energy business unit, with responsibility for BP’s corporate venture capital investments.

Dominic is currently a Member of the Board of the EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) and BP Alternate Director of the UK ETI (Energy Technology Institute). He has jointly published two books and more than 20 papers and is married with one daughter.

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