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Gulmira Rzayeva

Senior Research Fellow Energy Related Issues
Center for Strategic Studies under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Ms. Gulmira Rzayeva is a senior research fellow at the Center for Strategic Studies (SAM) under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Research Associate at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES). Her area of expertise includes energy security covering issues such as the energy policy of Azerbaijan and Black Sea/Caspian region energy security, Turkish domestic natural gas market, European gas market. As part of her engagements in this field, she has worked at the Moscow Carnegie Center as a visiting research fellow and Finish Aleksanteri Institute of the Helsinki University. Ms Rzayeva is recognized worldwide for her reports and seminal articles about energy focusing on the region, as well as for her speeches in some of the most prestigious universities including Harvard University, think-tanks and prestigious international conferences world-wide. Having a BA in international relations from the Baku Slavic University and an MA in Global Affairs from the University of Buckingham, UK, Ms. Rzayeva has published several scholarly publications focusing on her area of expertise. She is an another of “Turkish Natural Gas Market: Policies and Challenges” and “The Outlook for Azerbaijani Gas Supplies to Europe” published at the OIES.

Gulmira Rzayeva will be speaking at:

Panel discussion: Are routes through the southern corridor the right fix for Central and South Eastern Europe’s future?

2017/01/24 16:05 - 16:50

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