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György Domokos Vargha

Head of Origination

György Domokos Vargha has started with MET Group in 2009 when the company was a natural gas wholesaler in Hungary with a headcount of 15 with a strong Central European perspective, and has been playing an active role in converting the company to a multi-commodity wholesale trading company with a strong European presence with a headcount over 400.

He has been one of the founders of MET International, the supply and trading arm of MET Group in 2011, with the responsibility for developing the European gas trading business of the group. Since 2015 György is responsible for developing and managing wholesale positions in Western Europe as well as LNG origination and trading for MET Group. György holds an MA in finance and economics.

György Domokos Vargha will be speaking at:

Panel Discussion: Will there be a pattern for Hub Development in Central and South Eastern in Europe?

2017/01/27 16:15 - 16:50

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