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Global LNG Info

Global LNG Info (Where the World Tracks the LNG Developments) provides the following services:

Global LNG Database

Special Reports

LNG Times News Service

Global LNG Database: This service offering the most comprehensive, viable and reliable LNG data source which includes detailed & perfect information about all the LNG production facilities (LNG Plants) and the LNG receiving facilities (LNG Terminals) that are on stream, under construction or planned to be built in the world.

The updated and adequate information which presented by GLNGD are vital for managers, investors, analysts and researchers in the energy markets. For more information and access to a trial/demo version of the GLNGD, please visit our introduction page at: or contact us at:

LNG Projects Construction Report: This Excel format report presents perfect information on the global LNG import terminals & export plants projects which are under-construction, planned or under-study/proposed. For more information and access to a demo version of this report pleases contact us at:

Special Reports: Global LNG Info is available as a reliable source to undertake your tailor-made statistical reports, research-analysis reports and case study. For more information please contact Ms. Katrina Hati at:

LNG News Service: This service is an online news service provides you with all LNG developments, trading, shipping, prices. The news service is only available for GLNGD subscribers at no extra charge.