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GRTgaz owns and operates the natural gas transmission network that covers most of France. With more than 32,300km of pipelines, the GRTgaz network is the longest in Europe and one of the most interconnected. GRTgaz invested 624 million euros in 2015 to transmit natural gas under the best possible conditions of safety and fluidity, develop the network and its interconnections, optimise its operation and reinforce the security of supply in France and in Europe.

The energy transition is underway: the transmission network is a key vehicle for it. Open today to Biomethane, a 100% renewable gas produced naturally, tomorrow it will enable increased use of the gas transmitted, or storage and transmission of excess solar or wind electricity in the form of hydrogen or synthetic methane.

GRTgaz employs almost 3,000 men and women motivated by the same ambition: making sure that our gas transmission network and out skills serve the safe, competitive and environmentally friendly energy solutions of the future.